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Road Legal Tiger Racing Kit Car ZX9R Will it be yours? Ticket Number  

Road Legal KTM 125 XCW Will it be yours? Ticket Number  

£1,000 Tax Free Cash George Gardner Ticket Number   

Island Lounger Kadir Junior Bigimli Ticket Number 109 

Cosy Spa Tanja Lewis Ticket Number 1093 

Patio Heater Jonathan Gosbee Ticket Number 539 

£100 Website Credit Reece Scott Ticket Number 81  

£5,000 Tax Free Cash Jamie Barton Ticket Number 109 

Road Legal Yamaha Banshee Carl Harrison Ticket Number 1790 

£1,000 Tax Free Cash Bartosz Plusa Ticket Number 316 

Kids Stomp Electric Stomp Quad Ashley Holloway Ticket Number 1341  

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Amber Lewis Ticket Number 226 

£100 Website Credit Scott Bateman Ticket Number 98 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Chris Kerr Ticket Number 174 

Nissan S14 Russ Penn Ticket Number 1348   

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Reece Scott Ticket Number 105  

£1,000 Tax Free Cash Wayne Edghill Ticket Number 12 

Dyson Tower Cooling Fan Marc Wheeler Ticket Number 137 

£100 Website Credit Jamie Barton Ticket Number 148  

Xbox Series X Kieran Warner Ticket Number 660 

£5,000 Tax Free Cash Jamie Barton Ticket Number 3199 

75" Samsung Smart TV Mark Udell Ticket Number 44 

£100 Website Credit David Wright Ticket Number  

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Nintendo Switch Jake Sargood Ticket Number 474 


200 Piece Socket And Spanner Set Joe Canvin Ticket Number 438 

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FitBit Versa3 Daniel Andrew Ticket Number 393 

Ford Focus ST Stephen Johnstone Ticket Number 5827  

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Dyson AirWraps Nathan Jones Ticket Number 60 

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Apple iPad Phillip Jones Ticket Number 1062 

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Pressure Washer Terry Jessop Ticket Number 53 

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Detailing Package Ricky Holden Ticket Number 57  

£100 Website Credit James Rowe Ticket Number 70 


£10,000 Tax Free Cash Craig Lodge Ticket Number 4963 

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CosySpa Inflatable HotTub Mike Morris Ticket Number 478 

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Xbox Series X Robyn Clements Ticket Number 1139  

NOCO Portable Jump Starter Robert Binns Ticket Number 109 

£100 Website Credit Terence Davis Ticket Number 168 

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Dyson Hair Straighteners Stewart Horn Ticket Number 531 

Bagged VW Polo Ross Szumlakowski Ticket Number 2945  

Dyson Supersonic HairDryer Rebecca Bennett Ticket Number 352 

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Samsung Smart Watch Kane Young Ticket Number 32 

£125 Website Credit  Joe Carey Ticket Number 513 

Apple AirPod Pros Robert Binns Ticket Number 202  

£100 Website Credit Robert Binns Ticket Number 142 

Milwaukee Impact Gun + Socket Set Lewis Cox Ticket Number 438 

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£5,000 Tax Free Cash Danielle English Ticket Number 3130 

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QuickJack Ramps  Barry Hart Ticket Number 797  

£4,000 Tax Free Cash Michelle Jenner Ticket Number 5294 

Sony Speaker Rich Acres Ticket Number 59 

Seadoo RXP 260 Jet Ski  Rossa O'Donnell Ticket Number 1651 

Awaiting Picture 

Xbox Series X  James Shaw  Ticket Number 422  

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Apple AirPods Jake Wass Ticket Number 251 

£10,000 Tax Free Cash Clive Tatum Ticket Number 2247 

£1,000 Tax Free Cash James May Ticket Number 371 

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£1,000 Tax Free Cash Liam O'Shaughnessy  Ticket Number 371  

Mercedes A180 Callum Willcock  Ticket Number 4499 

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Xbox Series X Joe Carey Ticket Number 415 

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£1,000 Tax Free Cash Connor Taylor Ticket Number 48 

KTM Duke  Declan Boyle  Ticket Number 144  

BMW E46 Amber Lewis Ticket Number 60 

Stomp Kids Quad Dean Marsh Ticket Number 24 

KTM XCW Macaulay Burton Ticket Number 1675 

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£1,000 Tax Free Cash Benn Williams  Ticket Number 269  

Nissan Skyline R33 GTST Chris Pixel  Ticket Number 1526 

£1,000 Tax Free Cash Kaiden White Ticket Number 137 

Bagged VW Polo Kieran Thomason Ticket Number 4987 

Stomp Kids Quad  David Parry-Vokes  Ticket Number 682  

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£1,000 Tax Free Cash John Burns Ticket Number 386 

Ktm Duke Broghan Edmonds Ticket Number 141 

Bagged VW Polo Kris Johnson Ticket Number 398 

Ford Fiesta  Jay Roberts  Ticket Number 5175  

Yamaha Raptor 700R Ryan Cahill Ticket Number 725 

£3,000 Tax Free Cash Alan Cooney Ticket Number 648 

Audi A1 Jonathan Lowe Ticket Number 4688 

Supercharged Honda Civic Type R Armad Mahmoon  Ticket Number 2740  

Awaiting Picture 

Ford Focus ST John Shearer Ticket Number 985 

Bagged Vauxhall Astra VXR Ryan Jones Ticket Number 312 

£2,000 Tax Free Cash Lauren Cater Ticket Number 2121 

Bagged Ford Fiesta  Jay Evans  Ticket Number 1398  

Toyota Chaser Alan Smallridge Ticket Number 370 

KTM 125 Richard Arkell Ticket Number 160 

BMW M135i David Dunbar Ticket Number 464 

Ford Fiesta  Beth Picton  Ticket Number 4422  

Awaiting Picture 

£1500 Tax Free Cash Ryan Callaghan Ticket Number 2198 

Toyota Soarer Ronan Dunbar Ticket Number 2116 

KTM 125 Luca Coyer Ticket Number 352 

£2,000 Tax Free Cash  Jason Pye Ticket Number 2994  

Bagged VW Polo CJ Delaney Ticket Number 4393 

Bagged VW Golf GTI Nicola Hughes Ticket Number 67 

Nissan Skyline R34 GTT George Tovey Ticket Number 2008 

KTM 450  Scott Berry  Ticket Number 1032  

£1,000 Tax Free Cash Nathan Dawson Ticket Number 8 

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£1,000 Tax Free Cash Hanaan Khalid Ticket Number 236 

£2,500 Tax Free Cash Maria Manuel Ticket Number 1294 

£5,000 Tax Free Cash  Tommy O'Loughlin  Ticket Number 528  

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£1500 Tax Free Cash Daniel Bishop Ticket Number 1988 

Yamaha Raptor 700R Graig Harvey Ticket Number 1022 

Ford Fiesta Zacary Pescod-Everiss Ticket Number 3426 

£20,000 Tax Free Cash  Ryan Jobling  Ticket Number 3510  

Bagged VW Golf R Amy Cunningham Ticket Number 984 

£1,000 Tax Free Cash Daniel Gibson Ticket Number 19 

Honda Civic Type R Premier Edition Duke Whitby Ticket Number 563 

Awaiting Picture 

Bagged Vauxhall Corsa Darragh Mckinley Ticket Number 2025  

VW Up + £500 Cash Jayden Birch Ticket Number 984 

£722 Tax Free Cash Nathan Bates Ticket Number 381 

Detailing Package Kevin Fitzgerald Ticket Number 36 

£1,000 Tax Free Cash Milkan Choudhury Ticket Number 6  

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