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There is a limit of four (4) entries per person, Unless otherwise stated. 
The car will be available for pickup in the Hertfordshire area and there will be a confirmation letter or email that will be sent to the lucky winner within 24 hours of being selected. 
Anyone aged 16 years old or over can join and if you win, you must provide valid ID for the collection 
of your prize to serve as proof of identity. 
Once all entries are submitted, they will be posted on our social media accounts, following this is our live draw for everyone to see. With the use of the Google number generator, we will choose the lucky winner in a random selection. When using the Google Number Generator, we will click generate a few times using numbers not included in the draw to prove that it is random and then we will change the selection to include all entries then click generate once to reveal the LUCKY WINNER. 
Each competition will display the starting date and when it is due to finish. 
However, if all entries are filled before the due date, then the draw will move forward. Terms & Conditions apply. 
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